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Ambulance, Body Flasher, ABC (RCT-00772-00000)

RCT-00772, ABC Body Flasher.

Ambulance Body Flasher, ABC. 

Connects to J3 of Ambulance Power Center RCT-00743, Barrier Strip or RCT-01479, Plug-In-Play. 

Please order data cable, DAT-01346-00XX0, "XX" determines lenght in feet.

COPY & PASTE",  DAT-01346-00XX0 into, SEARCH, for rapid locate and selection of data cable.

Document: RCT-00772, ABC Body Flasher.

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R. C. Tronics has been an invaluable resource to our company. Their customized electronics has greatly reduced our costs, labor and space needed for completing police package and rescue vehicle installations on all of our fleets. We use R.C. Tronics exclusively to meet our installation needs. Since we started using R.C. Tronics in 2004, our customer satisfaction and approval has increased as well as our customer base. EVS recommends and endorses R.C. Tronics as a company that all up-fitters should use to produce the highest quality police and rescue vehicles.

Marcus N. Rice, Owner and Founder of EVS-Emergency Vehicle Systems, Denver Colorado.

All products manufacured by R.C. Tronics Inc. are warranted to be free of defects and material or workmanship. Liability is limited to repairing or replacing at our factory, without charge, any material or construction defects which become apparent in normal use within the warranty period following the date the equipment was shipped.