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Public Safety,Rotary, Six Switch (RCT-01277-00000)

RCT-01277-00000, Rotary, Six Switch, Carling.

Carling Switch Panel with "Six Switches" and a "Four Position Progressive Rotary Switch".  A secret input is provided for weapon release. Battery or Ignition switch outputs are user selectable. 

To complete system switch plate must be interfaced with RCT-01233, barrier strip or RCT-01431 plug-in-play. 

Switch panel and power center is connected with a single fifteen conductor data cable, DAT-01350-00XX0.

Power center relays 1 thru 10 may be operated with optional data cable, DAT-01346-00XX0.

Document: RCT-01277-00000, Rotary, Six Switch, Carling.

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Muncie Transit has been specking the RC Tronics unit for about seven years and we've racked up well over 2 million miles of rugged stop and go city service on them without a single failure. They have been an integral part of drastically improved electrical system dependability in our fleet. We have experienced sharp reductions in electrical system related road calls and believe the RC Tronics product has played a major part in that success. We first tried them on two pilot vehicles and within a very short period of time became believers. We've specified them on all our Para transit vehicles since then.

Ted Gaston, Director of Maintenance, Muncie Indiana Transit Systems (MITS), Muncie, Indiana.

All products manufacured by R.C. Tronics Inc. are warranted to be free of defects and material or workmanship. Liability is limited to repairing or replacing at our factory, without charge, any material or construction defects which become apparent in normal use within the warranty period following the date the equipment was shipped.