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All Plug-N-Play Control Systems

3 years / 100,000 miles with Labor coverage

3 additional years, parts only

All other RCT parts and controls are 1 year

RCT's warranty/service department must be contacted for authorization prior to working on the system. If your vehicle is within the 3 year, 100,000 mile warranty, and you are contacting RCT on a Plug-N-Play system, RC Tronics will reimburse for labor as well as replacement for the part up to one (1) hour. After the initial 100,000 miles or 3 years on a Plug-N-Play system we will replace the part no-fault after approval of the warranty department. Trouble shooting our power centers is visual, accomplished by observing the systems LED lights. If the part required is determined to be covered by our warranty we will issue an RMA number to replace and return the part. Once the part has been returned, inspection performed, which determines the fault is ours, we will issue payment or credit as directed by you for labor charges.

Diagnostics are easily accomplished with visually reading the LED lights on the power center reducing the overall time to determine the issue. Replacing the Power center or Switch panel is simple un-plug, remove, lay in the replacement, re-connect the Molex and AMP connectors, and you are done.

Warranty coverage from RCT covers labor paid at the listed rate per hour of the servicing department performing the service. The maximum flat rate time allowed for the power center and/or switch panel is 60 minutes. Diagnostic time should not take more than 15 minutes, and to R&R the power center or switch panel no more than 10 minutes. The system is Plug-N-Play and easily disconnected, removed, and reinstalled. The switch panel, which is also Plug-N-Play, is easily replaced.

Service calls, transit time, or other incidentals are not covered nor are additional charges over the 60 minute flat rate.

All other RCT products are covered by a one year warranty, unlimited mileage.

RCT will send the part by UPS Ground. If you require the part sooner additional costs for shipping will be at your expense. A return UPS call tag will be in the box to return the part to RCT at no cost to you.

The manufacturer's placement of the power center and switch panel varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The time it takes to get to the system, if not easily accomplished, is not RC Tronic's responsibility.

Make sure the RMA number is on the package and on your invoice in the package when returning the parts.
RCT phone number is 1-866-457-7790 and is a toll free number. Regular number is 1-574-642-3857
Web site,; Service/Warranty department email;
Note: RCT will work with the end user or servicing dealer. Because our system is Plug-N-Play and easily diagnosed we may be able to handle directly with the user, eliminating the need to return their unit to a service center.
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Muncie Transit has been specking the RC Tronics unit for about seven years and we've racked up well over 2 million miles of rugged stop and go city service on them without a single failure. They have been an integral part of drastically improved electrical system dependability in our fleet. We have experienced sharp reductions in electrical system related road calls and believe the RC Tronics product has played a major part in that success. We first tried them on two pilot vehicles and within a very short period of time became believers. We've specified them on all our Para transit vehicles since then.

Ted Gaston, Director of Maintenance, Muncie Indiana Transit Systems (MITS), Muncie, Indiana.

All products manufacured by R.C. Tronics Inc. are warranted to be free of defects and material or workmanship. Liability is limited to repairing or replacing at our factory, without charge, any material or construction defects which become apparent in normal use within the warranty period following the date the equipment was shipped.